Lavender Fenugreek Oil

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Fenugreek is widely known in the Indian Community as one of the herbs that aid in their long, shiny, and thick hair. This herb is similar to clover. It's native is the Mediterranean region and Southern Europe. Fenugreek also aids in hair replenishment by providing smoothness. All oils blended into this herb are 100% plant based, cruelty free, cold pressed, and unrefined.


Ingredients : Fenugreek, Lavender essential oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Castor Oil, and Grapeseed Oil.


- Helps manage hair loss and shedding
- Promotes hair growth stimulation
- Supports hair regrowth
- Provides natural conditioning benefits
- Enhances hair shine
- Addresses dandruff concerns and strengthens hair
- Menthol increases blood circulation, promoting hair follicle stimulation and assisting - with pattern baldness
- Includes antimicrobial agents to prevent scalp itchiness and dandruff
- Has anti-inflammatory properties
- Supports hair growth improvement
- Moisturizes and nourishes hair
- Softens dry hair
- Protects against split ends and dandruff
- Hydrates and nourishes the scalp
- Rich in essential vitamins and minerals (Vitamins B, C, E, Copper, Zinc) that nourish the hair
- Promotes hair thickness
- Contains oleic acid that enables the oil to deeply penetrate and moisturize the hair shaft
- Assists with psoriasis-related issues
- Vitamin D aids in the generation of new hair follicles
- Enriches the scalp environment
- Rich in oleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids improve hair growth when massaged into the scalp
- Reduces scalp inflammation in individuals with dermatitis

How to use: 

For length retention - Apply dime sized amount directly to hair shaft, wet or dry, reapply as needed for moisture.

For scalp - Apply applicator bottle directly on scalp every other day or as needed. Massage gently for 3-5 minutes.

Can be used as a hot oil treatment before wash, or added to deep conditioner for increased benefit.


Disclaimer - Individual results may vary, and we make no claims to cure hair issues related to genetics, illnesses, or other diseases. We recommend conducting a skin patch test for 24 hours prior to use. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. Despite the aforementioned considerations, incorporating a good hair care regimen and using chemical-free shampoos/conditioners may contribute to significant hair growth, and length retention. Not recommended for children under age 6-9 months ( depending sensitivity to ingredients).


Don't forget to take pictures to see hair progress.